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Raleigh Martial Arts Center is moving to a new site. Our old site increased the rent and being a true not-for-profit dojo we can no longer afford to workout there. We are in final talks with a local community center and we will post the location and times soon. We expect to finalize everything inside the next three weeks. STAY TUNED!!!

In the meantime we are working out at Lions Park at 6:30pm till 8Pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights. We work out next to the little league football team under the light. Here is a link to Lions Park. Call Robert at 919-332-9943 if you need help finding us at the park.

The Raleigh Martial Arts Center is also known as the Shiwa Dojo.  Shiwa is Tibeten for Peace. Shiwa Dojo(The Dojo) was originally founded in 1996 as the Wolfpack Dojo on the Campus of NC State University. In 2006 The Dojo moved off campus under the name of Raleigh Martial Arts Center.  Shiwa Dojo. The Dojo operates on a not-for-profit basis.  Everyone including the instructors pay monthly dues to cover the rent and other expenses. It is a community of Martial Artist for the purpose of studying Cuong Nhu Martial  Arts.

The Dojo operates under the umbrella of the Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association, a federally recognized non-profit educational organization.  Cuong Nhu is best characterized as having its roots in Karate, Aikido, Judo, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Boxing, Vovinam and Tai Chi Chuan. It is the evolving nature of these hard and soft styles from which Cuong Nhu (pronounced Kung New) derives its name, which is Vietnamese for Hard (Cuong) – Soft (Nhu). Cuong Nhu was founded by Professor Ngo Dong(O’Sensei) in 1965 and was brought to the United States in 1971, when O’Sensei came to the United States to earn his Ph.D in Entomology from the University of Florida.

All Classes are For Women and Men and we are sorry to say we have no kids classes. We all have non martial arts career jobs which makes it hard for instructors to get to the Dojo before 6pm. We just do not have good times to teach kids.

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