Martial Arts instruction based on a proper philosophy develops the student physically and spiritual, and can transform an individual that has lost direction in life. The goal of a martial artist is to work and live for the benefit of their family and community. Martial Arts practiced without a proper philosophy can result in a dangerous skill set.

There are basically two types of philosophy that we teach:
General philosophy: This deals with overall development — honesty, high moral character, self-discipline, respect for self and others, humility, and patience.
Martial arts philosophy: How to judge a situation, when to fight, when not to fight, how to fight, where to hit, with what to hit, with what kind of weapons to defend, what to do against multiple assailants, and many other points of strategy.

Meditation, for a few moments, is done before and after each class and in special sessions. The emphasis is on respect and reflection and nothing to do with religion or politics. Meditation gives you knowledge/insight about yourself, enlightens and deepens your thoughts, thus giving one the opportunity of eliminating troubled thoughts from your mind. Meditation is a way of flowing toward spiritual growth. It is a search for perfection (beauty, truth, and goodness), a need for a meaningful existence (the art of appreciation) or an escape to find freedom in life. Meditation also helps cultivate the awareness of our internal strength, thus allowing the perfect coordination of mind, body, and spirit.