Three O’s Principle


Three Os Principle – The Foundation of Cuong Nhu.
Your prime objective should be to achieve the “Way”. To do so, you must fortify the body with endurance, the mind with discipline and wisdom, and the heart with courage and patience. You must liberate yourself from attachments that disturb, confuse and limit your growth in order to attain full and complete freedom. You cannot free yourself of your body, but you can free your mind through the strict discipline you gain from training.
Totally train your mind, heart and body. When your mind is free, you become peaceful, happy and loving. You are free to become one with the universe.

Along the “Way”, you attain personal growth and maturity through a process of continual metamorphosis. To encourage this development, use the Three O’s Principle as a guide to your training:

  • Open mind (oneness). “Empty your cup” to gain understanding and stimulate your thirst for learnĀ­ing. In other words, do not let preconceptions cloud your ability to receive new inspirations.
  • Open heart (togetherness). Do not be sensitive in the passive “Way”, thus allowing yourself to be hurt. Instead, be sensitive in the active way in order to be understanding, compassionate and caring toward others. Dissolve your ego and unify yourself with others.
  • Open arms (forgiveness). Develop the need to act and react. Reach out to others and share together. Put all you have in your mind and your heart into actions and achievements. The dreams or visions of today are the achievements of tomorrow.